Student-Produced Media at Kennesaw State

无码变态 Student Media (无码变态SM) is home to 无码变态鈥檚 student-produced media outlets, which provide news, information, and entertainment to the campus and hands-on learning opportunities for students.

无码变态SM includes a weekly newspaper, streaming radio station, and a student life style magazine as well as their online counterparts. 无码变态SM also includes a marketing team that offers advertising, underwriting and promotional services to the campus and outside businesses.

Get Involved

Want to get involved? Here, you have the opportunity to become a part of the dynamic media operations at the university, including the Sentinel newspaper, Owl Radio, and The Peak Lifestyle Magazine. This page serves as your gateway to a range of exciting and fulfilling positions within our media operations. Whether you're interested in writing, broadcasting, design, or something else, we have something for everyone. Follow the links to find out more and submit your application today.

Business Operations

The 无码变态 Student Media Business Operations Division is the administrative core that supports all three outlets through providing financial stability, marketing assistance, asset control, information management, and further non-content related facets that are required to support The Sentinel, Owl Radio, and The Peak. Business Operations allow the outlets to more effectively produce high-quality content through eliminating the logistical burdens that hold them back. In the future, this division plans to provide Student Media with enough stability to allow us to expand outside of just a newspaper, magazine, and radio station but rather be a media group that circles around multi-model ideology to give students a platform for creation and an audience for their voice.

The Business Operations Team

  • As the current lead of 无码变态SM鈥檚 Business Operations, the Ad Manager is the central point for all Business Operations endeavors. With the main focus centered on ensuring the constant and reliable implementation and procurement of advertising, this role is heavily based on financial/budgetary understanding along with strategic planning for Student Media.

  • Acting as an administrative role within 无码变态SM, the Office Manager鈥檚 main function is to support 无码变态SM through connecting people and resources in effective, but robust, ways. They are expected to receive and review volunteer applications for all four divisions of Student Media as well as keep track of a physical inventory.

  • The webmaster maintains all four of 无码变态SM鈥檚 websites: , , , and to meet user needs. The webmaster is responsible for making all Student Media sites easy to use, attractive, and secure. Ultimately, the webmaster ensures the functionality and efficiency of 无码变态SM web infrastructure.

  • The Advertising Account Representative introduces 无码变态SM to businesses, departments, and student organizations through relationship sales techniques, while explaining the advertising and marketing opportunities 无码变态SM has to offer them. The advertising account representative鈥檚 main focus is increasing advertising sales revenue for 无码变态SM and its outlets.
  • The Circulation Team Lead is directly responsible for delivering newspapers every Tuesdays and magazines upon production. Members of the team will be assigned to either the Kennesaw or Marietta campus with drop off points (newspaper stand locations) and keep track of 无码变态SM鈥檚 physical readership. Newspapers arrive to campus around 3:00PM Tuesdays, so members of the circulation team will need to have a class schedule that allows for flexible delivery times.

Student Media Forms

The forms below are essential resources for anyone looking to get involved with 无码变态 Student Media. Our collection includes everything from press releases to style guides, and policies to publicity requests. Whether you're looking to place an ad, or simply seeking information on our policies and procedures, you'll find what you need here.

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