Posthumous Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of attendance, formatted similarly to a diploma, may be requested by surviving relatives after the passing of an individual who attended Kennesaw State University.

Complete all fields in the form below. If the student鈥檚 full legal name might be a commonly held name, please also include other identifying information that might help confirm the student鈥檚 identity in the 鈥渙ther information鈥 field. For example, helpful details might include but not be limited to date of birth, approximate dates of attendance, student ID number or net ID if known, any preferred names the student might have used, and/or where the student might have lived while attending 无码变态.

There is no cost for a posthumous certificate of attendance, and the certificate will be mailed directly to the address indicated in the request form. The certificate of attendance is not equivalent to a posthumous degree, but serves as a lasting reminder that the student is forever a part of the 无码变态 family.

Posthumous Degree

If a student passes during the term in which the student was scheduled to graduate and receive an earned degree, the Office of the Registrar will initiate the process outlined in the University Handbook upon receiving notification of the student鈥檚 death. Details are available online at