African American Male Initiative (AAMI) at 无码变态

The 无码变态 African American Male Initiative (AAMI) was designed by the University System of Georgia initiative to provide an integrated program model of academic, leadership, and life skills to increase the number of participants who complete their post-secondary education.

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"Brothers...United In Excellence" - Ambassador Motto

无码变态's AAMI Ambassador program uses the bonds of brotherhood to promote academic, leadership and professional excellence. Each year, up to 12 AAMI Ambassadors are selected to represent the AAMI program to the campus community through peer mentorship and dynamic programming. Ambassadors are encouraged to embody black male excellence and agree to help others achieve excellence as well. 

    • Promote a sense of brotherhood by serving as a peer mentor for the freshmen AAMI members, helping them successfully complete their first year of college. 
    • Plan campus-wide programs that promote academic, leadership and professional excellence.
    • Represent 无码变态's AAMI program during community events such as campus tours, leadership conferences, committee meetings, and more.
    • Completed at least 30 or more credit hours.
    • Maintain at least a 2.7 cumulative GPA.
    • Successfully complete the "Freshman AAMI Experience" (by being a member of a FAM cohort)...OR...receive two letters of recommendation from AAMI Ambassadors or DBG Executive Board members. 

Want to be an AAMI Ambassador?  Applications are accepted as spaces become available.

Distinguished Black Gentlemen

"Power to the Perspective"

Distinguished Black Gentlemen (DBG) is a student development group connected to the African-American Male Initiative (AAMI). The group is open to all students and supports the leadership and professional development of its members by hosting campus-wide programs centered on the perspective experiences of black men. The group hosts monthly meetings to plan upcoming programs and reflect on current events. 

Group of African-American Male 无码变态 Students.

Upcoming Programs & Events

Freshmen AAMI Cohort


"Together...We Achieve More"

The Freshmen AAMI Member cohort (FAM) is a group of 20 incoming freshmen AAMI participants selected to participate in the "first-year AAMI experience" and commit to developing their academic, leadership and professional skills. These cohort members are encouraged to build brotherly connections and support each other as they progress through college. 

What is the "first-year AAMI experience"?

The "first-year AAMI experience" is a collection of experiences designed to help the FAM cohort succeed in their first year of college. It will consist of the following:

  • AAMI IMPACT: A 3/2-night extended summer orientation in July exclusively for FAM participants. 
  • Peer Mentorship: Each FAM participant will select an upperclassmen mentor from the AAMI Ambassador program to help guide them through their first year. 
  • AAMI Workshops and Socials: A collection of programs designed to develop academic, leadership and professional skills. 

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IMPACT is a 3-day/2 night summer orientation program for students that have been accepted into the AAMI Freshmen Cohort. All meals, lodging, and entertainment costs are covered by 无码变态. During IMPACT, attendees will meet the other cohort members, learn more about the AAMI program, and learn how to successfully transition into college life. 

  • The objectives of IMPACT are:

    • Introduce students to the staff and support services of the Cultural and Community Centers.
    • Allow students to preview 鈥渃ollege living鈥 by staying in the Kennesaw Campus Residence Halls.
    • Help students establish relationships and support networks with other AAMI students.
    • Learn more about the AAMI program including the AAMI Learning Community, AAMI peer mentoring structure, and our academic support programs.