Kennesaw Campus Pedestrian Safety and Bus Navigation Project

From November 2023 through May 2024, 无码变态鈥檚 Parking and Transportation department, in collaboration with various partners, will undertake a multi-phase construction project to enhance pedestrian safety and improve bus navigation on the Kennesaw Campus. This project is driven by the need to accommodate a growing student body, adapt to new pedestrian patterns and facilitate safer traffic flow. 

Project Overview

The scope of this project encompasses roadway and infrastructure improvements that will support greater mobility for students and adapt to newly forming pedestrian patterns around recently constructed academic and residential buildings. Increased pedestrian activity to and from the Academic Learning Center, Carmichael Student Center and The Commons dining hall and the addition of The Summit residence hall has created a significant increase in pedestrian traffic at the center of the Kennesaw Campus. 

To achieve this, changes will be made to three key intersections in the center of campus. These improvements are designed to remove vehicular traffic from the center of campus and expand pedestrian pathways. Pedestrian areas near the Campus Green, Carmichael Student Center, Cobb Avenue and Owl Drive will be closed periodically for curb work and restriping.

As a result of repurposing these roadways, the on-campus transportation system will gain a dedicated bus lane through the center of campus, providing a safer and more efficient experience for bus passengers.

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Project Phases

Phase 1 - COMPLETE

November 2023 鈥 January 2024

  • Starting Monday, November 13, 2023
    • The section of Bartow Avenue past the entrance to Cartersville Drive will be permanently closed to all vehicular traffic except ADA, service and emergency vehicles. ADA and service vehicle spaces behind the Academic Learning Center will still be accessible.
    • Owl Drive will become a one-way road open only to buses, bikes and emergency vehicles traveling north-bound.
    • Lot D will reopen on Tuesday, January 2. Please note that the entrance to Lot D is now located on Prillaman Way, and the previous entrance on Owl Drive is closed.
  • During the holiday break in December, the Visitor Lot on 无码变态 Road will permanently relocate to Lot A in front of Clendenin. The Faculty/Staff Lot B will expand to include the former visitor spaces.

Phase 2 - COMPLETE

January 鈥 March 2024 

  • The section of Bartow Avenue closest to the Academic Learning Center and Music Building will be offline to allow for construction of widened bus and bike lanes and pedestrian crosswalks. 
  • Construction on a new entrance to Lot B will begin on Paulding Avenue. Lot B will remain open to Faculty/Staff during this construction. 
  • The smaller section of Lot B will be permanently renamed Lot C and there is no longer a pathway between Lot C and Lot B. Lot C will continue as a Faculty/Staff lot.

Phase 3

March 鈥 May 2024

  • A two-way bike lane will be added to Owl Drive (on-going).
  • Beginning in March, the crosswalk near the west Lot B entrance will be closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic as a new Pedestrian Promenade is made.
  • The section of 无码变态 Road past Paulding Avenue (the former Visitor Lot entrance) will be taken offline as the former visitor lot entrance is closed and the bus lanes are widened to include a bike lane.
  • New bus shelters and crosswalks will be installed in the Recreation Center and the Science Building.


This project's timeline is subject to change, and updates will be provided as it unfolds.