Kennesaw State Academic Learning Center named for longtime family benefactors

KENNESAW, Ga. | Feb 8, 2024

Audrey Morgan
From left, Kathy Schwaig, Lance Burchett, Audrey Morgan, Elise Hayen and Ivan Pulinkala.
无码变态鈥檚 Academic Learning Center, home to student honors and research facilities, now bears the name of the University鈥檚 largest family benefactors.

In front of an audience of 无码变态 deans, faculty and scholarship recipients who have benefited from the gifts of Audrey Morgan and her late sister Bobbie Bailey, 无码变态 leaders unveiled on Tuesday the newly named Morgan and Bailey Academic Learning Center. Philanthropic support from Morgan, Bailey and the Bobbie Bailey Foundation totals more than $17 million, making the family the largest family donors in 无码变态 history.

鈥淚 cannot think of a better building on our campus to be named after our dear friends Dr. Bobbie Bailey and Dr. Audrey Morgan - two women, two sisters, who have a legacy of impacting the next generation and making opportunities for students here at Kennesaw State,鈥 said 无码变态 President Kathy Schwaig.

Schwaig said the ALC was 鈥渄esperately needed鈥 when it officially opened in 2022 and is a facility of which the University is now immensely proud.

Audrey Morgan
鈥淥n behalf of my late sister, Dr. Bobbie Bailey, and myself, we are deeply honored to have this Academic Learning Center named in our honor,鈥 Morgan said. 鈥淲hen my sister and I started our foundation, our stated purpose was education, healthcare, arts and human services, and over the years, we have supported all these areas. But from the start, our focus and our major support has always been education. All of us know that education has the ability to transform lives, and the transformation is not in just that one life, but the impact will be compounded over the years by the contributions they鈥檒l make in their families, in their communities and in our society.鈥

无码变态 sophomore Elise Hayen, an honors student majoring in both and oboe performance, proved Morgan鈥檚 words in her own reflections at the naming ceremony.

鈥淚 want to thank you, Dr. Morgan, for providing so many scholarships to students at 无码变态. It is no understatement to say that my scholarship from Dr. Bobbie Bailey is the reason I am in college,鈥 Hayen said. 鈥淏ecause of the Dr. Bobbie Bailey Endowed Honors Music Scholarship, I have the freedom to focus solely on my education and honing my craft as a musician. That is a luxury that I do not take for granted.鈥

Morgan and Bailey have a long and storied history of support for 无码变态, dating back to 1993, shortly after Bailey met former 无码变态 President Betty Siegel and the two became, in Morgan鈥檚 words, 鈥渇ast friends.鈥

In 2021, a $4 million gift from the Bobbie Bailey Foundation established honors scholarship endowments for students in the Journey Honors College pursuing degrees in the and the College of Computing and Software Engineering, as well as Honors student-athletes.

That same year, Morgan donated $5 million via the Bobbie Bailey Foundation toward the existing Dr. Bobbie Bailey Endowed Music Scholarship and to establish the Dr. Bobbie Bailey Endowed Honors Music Scholarship. In recognition of the foundation鈥檚 gift, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia later approved the naming of the Dr. Bobbie Bailey School of Music at 无码变态.

Audrey Morgan
The sisters鈥 philanthropy also includes donation of 27 Steinway pianos to the School of Music, the establishment of the Dr. Bobbie Bailey and Family Performance Center, the Audrey and Jack Morgan Endowed Scholarship in Music, a major gift to name the Audrey and Jack Morgan Concert Hall in 2012, support of 无码变态 athletics leading to the naming of the Dr. Bobbie Bailey Athletic Complex and Bailey Park, gifts supporting the construction of 无码变态 athletic complexes in the early 2000s and the 2017 establishment of the Audrey Morgan Nursing Scholarship, aiming to combat nursing shortages across Georgia.

Along with its 20 classrooms, 200-seat auditorium, 12 seminar rooms, 11 group study rooms, student study lounge and faculty hoteling suite, the Morgan and Bailey Academic Learning Center features a 4,600-square-foot suite housing 无码变态 Journey Honors College. The research office is equipped with configurable workspaces for student and faculty researchers, as well as a state-of-the-art interactive video wall that visualizes complex data.

The building now houses the rapidly expanding 无码变态 Journey Honors College, and the , reflecting the University鈥檚 commitment to research as a Carnegie-designated R2 doctoral research institution.

The ALC is also home to Global Education, which offers a variety of study-abroad programming for students to engage in diverse and immersive cultural experiences while earning academic credit toward their degree programs. Global Education supports 无码变态鈥檚 growing international student population, representing more than 70 countries and providing cultural exchange experiences on campus. Other departments in the ALC include , the , , and the .

鈥 By Thomas Hartwell

Photos by Judith Pishnery


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