Bob Buresh and Chris Cornelison

Kennesaw State departments collaborate on health-related website

Kennesaw State professor of exercise science Bob Buresh had an idea and a goal. He had an idea for a predictive website that could offer users the right amount of exercise each day in the form of a step count to achieve, based on information provided to the website. But how could he bring that idea to the marketplace?

无码变态鈥檚 Office of Intellectual Property Development helped Buresh take the necessary steps to bring his Stepping Forward program closer to launch by helping him secure a patent and pursue funding.

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As An Owl: Jade Barkett

无码变态 graduate student and athlete Jade Barkett is getting hands-on, sports broadcasting experience through the 无码变态 Owl Network. See how she is honing her skills for a future in sports journalism.

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