Important Reminder

All signed-out takeout boxes must be returned by the specified deadlines below.

The Commons (Kennesaw): Wednesday, May 1
Stingers (Marietta): Monday, May 6

Takeout boxes may be returned on either campus. If you are on the Kennesaw Campus and miss the May 1 deadline, you may still return your box by May 6 on the Marietta Campus.

Important Notice

Please return your takeout box by May 6 to avoid a $15 late fee. The fee will be deducted from your Dining Dollars or K-Cash balance (if applicable) or charged to your student account. For more information, please review the Takeout Club Policy in your Meal Plan contract.

Please note that Takeout Club enrollment does not carry over to the summer or fall semesters. To be reinstated in the program, please visit the Meal Plan Office at The Commons or the front desk at Stingers at the beginning of the semester to continue participating. You must have an active meal plan in the current semester to be eligible.

Takeout Club
Now Partnering with Fill it Forward!

All Meal Plan holders are eligible to participate in the complimentary Takeout Club program, allowing you to conveniently take meals to go from the dining halls. To get started, sign up with the Fill it Forward app, check out a to-go box, and return it to get a new one. Please note that students without an active Meal Plan are not eligible for this program.

Partnering with Fill It Forward allows you to make positive contributions to the environment and global communities. Track your reusable container usage through the app and contribute to various charitable initiatives worldwide!

Getting Started

  1. Download the Fill it Forward App on your mobile device from the or .
  2. Sign up using your 无码变态 email and password. This should be the same as your Owl Express login.  
  3. After signing up in the app, stop by the Meal Plan office on Kennesaw campus or the front desk at Stingers during office hours to set up your takeout box rental credit. The Meal Plan office manager will have you scan a unique QR code in the app and walk you through the set-up process.
  4. Once your set up is complete, see the cashiers. You will use one meal plan entry for take out. If you are planning on dining in and using takeout, you will use two meal plan entries. The cashiers will present you with a takeout box that has a QR code on it and you will scan the QR code with your Fill it Forward app to check out the box.
  5. Scan the confirmation slip given by a Dining team member and use the one-time code to set up a box rental credit.
  6. Scan the QR code and enter the 4-digit code at the bottom of your slip. You will see a blue check mark once the credit is on your account. 
  7. Once the account is set up, visit the cashier and present the app to receive your box.

To Return Your Box

  1. Inform the cashier you would like to return your box.
  2. Open the Fill it Forward App and scan the QR code on the return poster.
  3. Scan the QR code on your takeout box. After completion, you will see a blue check mark that confirms the credit for your next box.
  4. Return the box to cashier.
  5. If you want to check out another box, you will follow the checkout process after completing their return. If you do not want another box, you will have a credit on their account for your next use.

Enjoy the convenience of the Takeout Club while making a positive impact!